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the bubble on the web


the real time strategy
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another rating community? maybe. but we talk about stuff. you just need to be cool enough to get in i guess. we discuss the outside world. if you are like me and live in a bubble suburb, then this community is right for you. we post things like articles and opinions, whine and talk about music. we talk about our lives, personal stuff, and so on. anything you want help on. we are here to help you. we are the help gurus. i know i love helping people, and that is why i have created this community. so, any problems you have. post them and i will do my best. i know the discription is all over the place, but hey, isn't the world all over the place these days?

1. no flaming
2. you need to fill out an application to be accepted to post.
3. if you fail the application, thats IT no more tries.
4. just to make sure you read this stuff, put "sseevveenn" as the title of your application.
5. judging is 0% looks, 49% attitude and 50% opinions..and 1% on lj username
6. when you are accepted, you are obligated to try to help others, so dont act like 'that's a stupid question.' because people are comming to us for help, we can't slap thjem in the face and let them down like that, so keep it somewhat happy.
7. promote this site to every community you belong to.
8. make sure to ljcut the application.
10. numer 10 rule, patience is a virtue. im fooling around with these settings alot, and i really have about 67% of a clue of what im doing, so when you want to join, either me or another mod will get to your request with in 36 hours either to approve your access or disapprove, we will then notify you some way about your admission.

ahem, about the application, this is for people applying to be a mod or admin, if you are not interested in being such, just post. BUT if you ever want to GIVE advice back to others who post, you need to sign up. again, if you are ASKING for help, just post, if you are GIVING help, sign up first. anx :)


1. name (full)
2. age
3. sex
4. sexual preference
5. top ten favorite bands
6. top three favorite movies
7. single or taken
8. favorite color
9. what do you want to be when you grow up?

10. do you think you are good at helping people?
11. do you have patience?

stances on:
12. violence towards girls
13. lying
14. gay marriage
15. abortion
16. cremation
17. life after death
18. vegatarianism
19. separation of church and state
20. body manipulation (piercings, tatoos ect)

21. biggest pet peeve
22. favorite animal
23. worst nightmare
24. how many people do you think you help with their problems
25. do you hate anyone
26. promote the_rts to atleast one community and post the link in this post

why should we accept you?
where did you hear about this community?
do you play videogames much, if so, what are your favorites?
any pets?

then, post three pictures of you. dimention doesnt matter. if you are strictly against pictures, posting them, or just dont have any, just state so. but it would sway some people if you put up some, its not like we'll be like "GAH your ugly, leave and die!!" or anything, we just want to know who we are talking to, visual image, thats all. make sure this is all in an ljcut. thanxxx